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I was just 6 months post-delivery. There was so much going on. I really needed someone to get me back in the game. It was not only about how to get my business better, but how to get my mind better.

Katie • Luxe Fit Models

Before, I was stuck on my MVP... I don't even know if I knew that term. PLI really helped me scale back, focus on the core of my business and put me on the track to getting it out there. I love working with Nas, I always feel good and inspired!

Paige • Paige Lifestyle

How my startup launch method 
works every time... 

Nas Siqueira, July 21, 2019

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Ready to launch a successful startup?

Hi, I'm Nas.

Here’s the brutal truth about launching a startup:

You won’t magically figure out how to perfectly launch your business just because you have a good idea.

You actually have to have a process... which is hard, because you’re brimming with great ideas, but it seems like life, parenting responsibilities, and your lack of experience keep getting in the way.

And we, as restless entrepreneurs and mothers (who are doing it all) want to achieve success, just like everyone else...

So we make lots of embarrassing mistakes and waste a lot of time and money, instead of learning exactly how to launch a successful business... a business that actually makes a profit, while allowing us more time and freedom. 

Some women invest a lot of money right at the beginning and hire all outside "experts" they can.

Some people save every penny and try to do everything themselves.

Both strategies can work, but I find that they don't solve the problem of not knowing exactly what step you should be taking next in your business, and how to fit it all in to your crazy schedule.

There's so much you need to know to launch a startup, and it's hard to keep up, let alone get ahead and grow your business to the level you envision...

So what's the alternative?

You need an exact guide... You need a process that lets you work on your business while learning the exact steps to take next, and gives the support you need when you’re feeling stuck!

And I can teach you how to create that process with the Perfect Startup Journey that I developed after launching multiple businesses and partnering with the best mentors in the industry…


I'm giving away my bag of tricks (most of which you can test for $0) that will show you exactly how to turn your idea into a money-making startup.

If you're serious about launching a startup that has what it takes to be a unicorn, while still having a great time in the process... learn my Perfect Startup Journey, use it to plan your next launch and it'll make your life so much easier! 


What's possible...

(Get Instant Access to this FREE On-Demand Training)

Your idea CAN become the next great startup!

Are you ready to launch it?


To Those Searching For A Life Of  Greater Wealth And Abundance

If you’re dealing with financial uncertainty, debt, or if you constantly feel you don’t have enough to live the life you envision - then you may have asked questions just like these.

And you may have also noticed that simply working harder, acting out of desperation, or trying to save more isn't quite the perfect solution.

The truth is I have learned that unless i worked at the root cause of where this story was held.( My Body), it would never change. I would just repeat the patterns again and again.

I have spent the last 5 year designing the perfect way to unlock my full earning potential and it's surprisingly simple. I developed a simple exercise that releases negative emotions around money from my body which has created the space for me to bring in multiple 6 figures months.

It’s got nothing to do with the law of attraction, manifesting or mental money blocks. 

It just takes 10 minutes each morning. 

This powerful new therapy will restore balance to your body and disrupted energy field. 

Allowing you to receive financial success in a way that wasn’t possible before... 

Soon you will feel like a completely new woman... 

An ambitious, youthful spark of energy will pull you towards more exciting money making opportunities... 

You will feel completely aligned asking for and receiving your true financial worth.  

And you will magnetically attract new people and opportunities into your life that lead to more wealth.

Since I started developing this new therapy, I’ve launched multiple 6 figure businesses... 


Transformation Happens Quicker Through The Body Than The Mind...

Nastassia (Nas) is a leadership development expert and sought after entrepreneur mindset coach. Known as The Mind Designer - some say she’s an interior designer for the mind of the aspiring entrepreneur - Nastassia has thousands of people through to successful business launches. She is also the author of the business launch guide The Perfect Launch Plan.

Nastassia spent a decade committed to understanding psychological and physical blockers keeping folks from manifesting their entrepreneurial desires - and how to release blockers, so they can launch inclusive and innovative businesses.

To deepen her expertise, she studied the practices of neuropsychologists and somatic experts to better understand the connections between the mind and body and how blockers are developed. Through this research, she discovered the key blockers to female success: toxic money patterns and generational trauma, which are held in the body.

Launching a freedom creating business and building sustainable wealth was less about skills and strategies, and more about physical release of past trauma to allow for the creation of healthy financial neural pathways.

From this discovery, Nastassia developed the Toxic Money Patterns Release method, which she used to release years of trauma and allow herself and others to create new neural pathways and design the mindset needed to fulfill entrepreneurial desires.  

Nastassia shares this revelation - and how anyone can release toxic money patterns - through high-end coaching and trainings around the world. 

And now, through the TMPR workshop, she is sharing the truth about money and success to even more people, empowering them to live a life of abundance and joy.

I spent over 10 years trying to get my money right. 

I wasted tens of thousands or dollars going to law of attraction, money mindset and business training and seminars. 

I kept repeating the same toxic cycle; 

  1. Go to a seminar 
  2. Get an exciting Idea 
  3. Quit my job
  4. Start a business
  5. Fail 
  6. Get another 9-5 
  7. Repeat

I was stuck in what I call a “Toxic Money Pattern”. 

It didn’t matter how many courses I took, it wasn’t going to change anything until I resolved my toxic money patterns. 

And most mindset and business gurus don't even know these toxic money patterns exist, nevermind know how to overcome them.

You see, toxic money patterns are held in the body NOT in the mind. 

We develop these sabotaging patterns due to negative charges and painful emotions around money. 

It’s only when I could identify the locations in my body, where I was holding toxic money patterns and then release them... 

That I could unlock my true earning potential. 

Within a few years, I had launched multiple 6 figure businesses and bought my dream, three storey, beachfront home in Brazil. 

If you haven’t been able to earn what you are worth.. 

Don’t worry. It’s not your fault. 

Hardly anyone knows about how the body holds the key to our money transformation. 

Most other personal development and business gurus and still obsessed with mindset.

And you’ve probably already tried to change your limiting beliefs, manifest and visualize your ideal life... 

But it doesn’t work unless you’ve first released all bodily tension and trauma around money from the body. 

It’s like having one foot on the accelerator and the other foot on the break. 

No matter how hard your mind tries to drive you forward, your body is holding you back. 

So it’s not unusual for most people to get a little success but then find themselves right back where they started. 

For years now, money mindset and business gurus believed a lack of money and business success was a “mindset” problem. 

Very few of them know that none of this works when you are holding onto “toxic money patterns” in your body…

Which is a shame...

Because releasing “toxic money patterns” from the body is simple... 

And it works for anyone even if you are unemployed or working long hours and still not making enough money. 

Once you know how to get your body onboard with your mind, you are free from the “boom and bust” success cycles... 

Once you know this simple, 10 minute practice, a whole new world of possibilities will open up to you.  

Because you have released toxic money patterns from your body.

Psychology Today, the premier magazine on human behaviour has written about the body being the key to rapid transformation and wrote “you can’t think your way out of trauma”. 

Top ranked health experts at Healthline say, repressed negative emotional energy leads to poor decision making, self-sabotage, fatigue and depression.

I’ve consulted with Neuroscientists, Body Psychotherapists, Energy Healers, Health experts and PTSD specialists... 

And I’ve learned the quickest and most effective ways to treat toxic money patterns. 

I received expensive certifications in cutting edge and innovative therapies for releasing negative energy and emotions around money from the body... 

So I would have the skills to guide other people and help them say goodbye to financial sabotage. And embrace a new lifestyle where earning from your full potential comes naturally and easily. 

I’ve read everything on the subject of body based transformation from Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. Basel Van Der Kolk, Dr. David Berceli so I am up to date with all the new and latest approaches in body healing. 

Then added my own personal experience... 

And created something truly unique that helped me change my life and which I call “Release. Heal. Launch.” 

Trust me,  once we do the healing work, you'll be ready to empower yourself to get your business off the ground. you won’t hear any other business guru talking about this. 

Like I said, most of them are still fixated on “mindset”. 

This fundamentally precept is incomplete. 

It’s a roadmap to “boom and bust” success... 

Until you learn how to release toxic money patterns from the body you cannot produce consistent financial success. 

And you do that by locating the specific parts of your body that’s holding these toxic money patterns. 

And following a simple 10 minute exercise each morning to release them.

I’ve seen it work for people from all walks of life. 

That is why I am inviting you to join me in my 3-day  masterclass... 

I will reveal the full 3 step process behind my Release Heal Launch 

Here is just a glimpse of what you will learn in just 90 minutes; 

How to identify the specific locations in your body that are holding toxic money patterns. 

A 1-minute “on the go” exercise for releasing financial stress and overwhelm in the moment. You will be able to nip it in the bud, so it doesn’t become a deep seated toxic money pattern. 

A 10 minute daily maintenance practice for negative energy and painful emotions around money that you’ve held in your body for years. 

Try it Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

Remember you don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say MAYBE.  

Try the masterclass. Go through the material and follow the exercises for 7 days risk free. 

You can refund yourself anytime. Just shoot me an email and get a full, friendly and fast refund. No questions asked.

And if you sign up today, you also get access to our Slack community where I will coach you for free for 7 days.  

I will guide you through a short, 10 minute, daily release exercise. 

You can ask questions, get help and join a tribe of other inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

Click on the button below, “I am ready to unleash my inner entrepreneur” to join our transformational money coaching masterclass risk free. 



When Lauren joined the program, she was overflowing with ideas, and yet was stuck on actually moving forward with any of them. 

Already a mom to twin boys, by the time she joined PLI, she also had a 6-month-old baby and was fully into mid-pandemic life madness.

After going through the program, she launched a massively successful styling and consignment consultancy where she helps other women build their ideal closets with pieces they love, and she also helps them source unique luxury fashion items from well-known designers.

Lauren Styling Consultancy Founder

"My biggest transformation has been the value I see in my self and understanding my own worth

It's really refreshing to have someone who fast tracks you through the process."

Jasmine Corporate Wellness Agency Founder


What makes your method different? 

This method isn’t a solution to the symptoms. It goes to the root cause. By making working with the core truama and money story which is helld in the body. By doing this work, you can look to make a permanent shift in your money story. 

I’ve carefully crafted this system having trained and consulted with some of the best practioners in the world.

What exactly are you offering me? 

You will attend a Masterclass with me where I will be personally taking you through a number of advanced modalities which I use to permenantly shift the money stories which are held in your body so you show up as the most empowered verison of yourself.

If I decide to work with you, how does your refund policy work? 

If you attend the masterclass and you are not happy with the results. you will receive a 100% refund.



The Mind Designer's

90-minute workshop

The Toxic Money Patterns Release Workshop is a 90-minute challenge developed by leadership development and success coach, Nastassia C. S.In this workshop, you will join Nas and she guides you through exercises designed to help you replace money worries with money confidence to fast-track your financial success. 

The workshop will introduce you to simple techniques that are instantly transformational. Even before the end of the workshop, you will feel measurably different about specific money worries.

By the end of this workshop, you will have a clear, customised, fast and easy-to-follow plan to ensure your path to financial confidence.

What will be covered?

Part 1 

  • Learn about the connection between your money habits, thoughts and behaviors to your physical body.
  • Discover the new science on how to release 80% of toxic financial patterns in the body.

Part 2

  • Starting from the bottom up, you’ll learn to feel where your money patterns and traumas live in the body.
  • How to instantly release tension when it comes up (like when you’re about to swipe your card at the checkout counter)
  • Learn and practice the movements that will release your toxic financial patterns and create room for new, more beneficial money practices.

Part 3

  • Physically rewire your brain and create new neural pathways to stop damaging thought patterns
  •  Develop ways of thinking that will allow you to attract more money
  •  Tie your new practices together, evaluate your progress, and create your custom roadmap for a healthier financial future

And, you’ll receive a few amazing bonuses, too!

The Perfect Launch Plan Workbook - Want even more details on exactly how to launch a successful business even while building a family? You will find every single thing you need in this step-by-step guide.

7 DAYS FREE ACCESS to our members-only online community where you can get coached by me or one of our launch specialists so you can review everything you created in the challenge and get additional guidance on the next steps of your business launch

Exciting Journeys Begin with a Tiny Step

You have two choices

You can click away and go back to life as you have always known it Keep doing what you have already doing

And keep getting what you already have got.

There is no shame in that, embracing change can be frigtening.

Or you can join other motivated folks in my 90 minutes masterclass where I will reveal my Rapid Money Transformation Method to unleash your Inner entrepreneur.

Choice is yours.

If you decide you want to release the toxic money patterns that have been sabotaging your buisness and financial success.

Then all you have to do is Click the button below and we will save the spot for you 

I look forward to seeing you in the Masterclass and witnessing your personal money transformation in the future.

Allow yourself to be great.


"I am being coached on far beyond just business, but really all the things that it takes to have a business work. She's an expert when it comes to business, an expert when it comes to women, mothers, and what to put in place to make it all work."

When Jasmine joined the program, she was struggling to keep herself afloat. 

She had several side-hustles she was putting a lot of time and effort into but was not seeing any results and even the basics, like making enough to cover her rent at the end of the month, was a constant source of stress. Once she joined, she was able to better manage her time, create a strategy to consolidate her ideas into one business, develop a launch plan.

After going through the program, she launched a Corporate Wellness consultancy, where she helps organizations by offering trainings and workshops aimed at improving employee mental and emotional health. 

I was just 6 months post-delivery. There was so much going on. I really needed someone to get me back in the game. It was not only about how to get my business better, but how to get my mind better.

Katie • Luxe Fit Models

Before, I was stuck on my MVP... I don't even know if I knew that term. PLI really helped me scale back, focus on the core of my business and put me on the track to getting it out there. I love working with Nas, I always feel good and inspired!

Paige • Paige Lifestyle

Paige Cosmetics Brand Founder

Before, I was stuck on my MVP... I don't even know if I knew that term. Nas really helped me scale back, focus on the core of my business and put me on the track to getting it out there. I love working with Nas, I always feel good and inspired!

"I was just 6 months post-delivery. There was so much going on. I really needed someone to get me back in the game. It was not only about how to get my business better, but how to get my mind better."

Katie Modeling Agency Founder

What's possible...

“Nastassia led me step-by-step all the through what I needed to do in order to be a success.

I’m proof that when you put your mind to what you plan on doing and follow the steps that Nastassia has laid out for you… you can do it!”

Charity  Lifestyle Brand Founder

She doesn’t let you get away with excuses and keeps you focused in a kind way. Nas believes you can get results by encouraging you to have the guts to design a life that makes the most sense for you, by giving you permission to explore what that would look like, which is very exciting!”

Sofia Consulting Agency Founder


- Cindy 

From stay-at-home mom of 14 years to

“Nas helped me gain important clarity as to what I was looking for and we worked together to set goals each week to take charge and accomplish these things. Not only were we able to work on immediate goals at hand, but we dug deeper into the underlying obstacles that were in the way. Once we were able to remove these blocks, then moving forward on pursuing my dreams was easy!”

Cindy Coaching Agency Founder


- Rachel

From stuck on details to


“Nastassia is an AMAZING coach for any entrepreneur looking to expand beyond their comfort zone and start making business dreams into a reality. I really needed help recognizing my perfectionist tendencies and being able to move forward even when things may not be perfect. She also was really great and helping me stay accountable for executing my plan.”

Rachel Childhood Therapy Practice Founder


- Taryn

From no experience to

- Charity

From unemployed single mom to

100k IN 3 MONTHS

Lauren's Journey

Jasmine's Journey


Private Coaching

What's included?

  • BUILT-IN PARTNERSHIP: When you invest at this level, you are practically getting a business partner with all the experience and know-how without having to give up part of your company for it. 

  • TWO 1-ON-1 COACHING CALLS PER MONTHThis is where the magic really happens. You and I get to meet privately to talk through whatever you need. From planning your timeline, setting up your launch, to parenting and relationship matters, nothing is off-limits during our time together. Having this kind of access to someone who has built a successful business and coaches CEOs and founders of multimillion-dollar companies is priceless!

  • EMAIL SUPPORT: Customized feedback and support via email: In between our calls, you can always email me for quick check-ins, questions, or just to hear from your mentor who’s got your back (don’t underestimate the power of simply being around someone who has done what you want to do!)

  • ALL THE THINGS: You get everything included in option #1 including the additional group coaching calls, expert trainings, membership to the online community, and everything else!

The Investment

$7,500 per month

$40,000 pay in full for 6 months

The Mind Designer's Toxic Money Patterns Release Workshop

Join the exclusive 90-minute workshop that promises to permanently release your Money Blocks and get you ready for to manifest your visions. PLUS  Get 7 DAYS of free coaching and mentoring to integrate the work you have done aligning yourself to your highest potential.

Get instant access today!
  • Why is there so much fear and drama surrounding money?
  • Why do most hardworking people struggle so hard to earn money?
  • And why is it that even folks who are well-off have issues with money?

I went from struggling to pay my rent for a room in a shared apartment to owning a million dollar, beachfront home in just 3 years. 

This one simple 10 minute exercise took me from working two jobs and never having enough money to feel safe... 

To a new emotional state of unshakeable calmness around money. 

The best part... 

I’ve seen this simple exercise work for people from all backgrounds... 

It doesn’t matter if they are broke, in a mountain of debt or unemployed. 

Just like it did for Katie, wh went from feeling insecure and stressed about money all the time to launching her own modelling agency and making $60,000 in 60 days.


Toxic Money Patterns Release Workshop

We'll Help You Unlock Your Toxic Relationship With Money So You Can Live Fully Without Constantly Worrying About $$$